About Hannah

Hannah Goedhart is a multi-disciplinary artist searching for a way to combine dance and music with art and particularly with projections. She is specialized in video, projection, visuals and dance performances. She has experience in performing and choreographing modern and contemporary dance. 

Hannah had her exhibition at the ArtEZ Finals of 2017 in Arnhem and she graduated in 2018. She did her final internship at KunstLAB Arnhem. After that she started her own business as an visual artist, working together with dancers. She performes her work at festivals, techno parties, art exhibitions and events. She is always searching for new oppurtunities and projects, so please contact her if you have a new possibility for her!

Expositions and performances

  • Construction Sight – Jordan Artisan, Arnhemse Uitnacht, Arnhem. Work: TOILING
  • Arnhemse Uitnacht, Arnhem. Work: ETERNAL RHYTHM
  • Social Aspects #6 – Derde Wal, Nijmegen Work: ETERNAL RHYTHM
  • Film projections and trailer for the danceperformance Nachthexen IV – Jens van Daele.
  • Construction Sight – Jordan Artisan, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht, Nijmegen. Work: TOILING
  • Construction Sight – Jordan artisan, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen. Work: TOILING
  • Psy-Fi festival, Leeuwarden.
  • Watdajel festival, De Nijverheid, Utrecht. Work: LIGHTWAVE
  • Luchtruim, Popop, Nijmegen. Work: LIGHTWAVE
  • CONNECT – DISCONNECT, afterprogram Nachthexen II: La Parisienne – Jens van Daele, Theater Oostpool, Arnhem. Work: CONNECT – DISCONNECT
  • Baden in het licht, Popop, Nijmegen. Work: TRANCENDANCE
  • Herfstdrift festival, Vasim, Nijmegen. Work: //SPATIAL LINES\\
  • Bring Your Own Beamer Event, Nicolaikerk, Utrecht. Work: TRANCENDANCE
  • De Nijmeegse Kunstnacht, Schouwburg, Nijmegen. Work: TRANCENDANCE
  • CNN jaarbijeenkomst, Honigfabriek, Nijmegen. Work: [SYNCED LINES]
  • Let’s Play, Luxor, Arnhem. Work: TRANCENDANCE
  • Festival La Truite Magique, Belgian Ardennes. Work: LA TRUITE MAGIQUE
  • De Kaaij, Nijmegen. Work: M O R P H
  • Finals exposition ArtEZ, Arnhem. Work: Graduation project: TRANCENDANCE
  • De Nieuwe Gang, Beuningen. Work: COLOURED VIEW
  • Immerloo Park Festival, Arnhem. Work: MOVEMENT DRAWINGS
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