Hannah brings the public in a trance with continuing music and hypnotic images. The images are deforming and multiplying while turning, which produces a kaleidoscopic effect. Step into a surreal world of geometric shapes and objects.

Hannah is searching for a way to combine visual projections, dance and music and how they are optimally balanced and responding to each other. Hannah is fascinated by how the dancer can manipulate and interact with the projection. She has a background as a dancer, she played the flute and she comes from a musical family. It is therefore not surprising that these qualities are reflected in her work. She believes that the cooperation between different disciplines can bring the artwork to a higher level, by making a performance in collaboration with dancers and a DJ. Together they create a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’.

She has experimented with different ways of projecting; for example by using several superimposed layers or projecting onto an semi- translucent cloth or three-dimensional objects. She also experimented with mirrors and what happens when the projection is reflected. She projected images of heads to visualize the unseen mind.  She graduated with graphic projections, where the interaction with the dancer is at its best.

Can the digital world combine with the non-digital? The clear tones of the flute are combined with electronic sounds that can only be made by a computer. The craftsmanship  goes along with the digital. Also the visual aspect of her work shows this combination: digital projections, a spatial object and the body of the dancer.

Music: Marcel Klein Legtenberg

Dancers: Judith Eeftink, Maarten Krielen, Lynn Kosakoy, Maxime Kroot, Danielle Huyghe, Alkis Barbas, Gabrielle Emily Aidulis, Nathalie Vermeiren, Anka Konings