TOILING – 2019

Lifting, climbing, falling, toiling
Keep going, breathlessness

Modern dancers bring the art installation ‘Construction Sight’ to life under the direction of artist Hannah Goedhart. This show was performed during the ‘Nijmeegse Kunstnacht 2019’ and the ‘Arnhemse Uitnacht 2020’ in the art installation ‘Construction Sight’ of Jordan Artisan.
For this performance Hannah was inspired by the art installation. For her it looked like a building sight, so she wanted to bring that back in the choreography. The dancers wear work overalls and face masks and lift the heavy blocks that lay around the art installation. The face masks hinder them in breathing and also the heavy work make them breathlessness. In the end they fall to the ground, crushed by a boulder.

dancers Nijmeegse kunstnacht: Polina Nikolaeva, mariona vinyes ràfols, adrian thoemmes

dancers arnhemse uitnacht: loris daniel casalino, davide amdrea calabrese, bianca casaburi

Photography: Lex Hulscher