In the beginning of her graduation year, Hannah
experimented with mirrors and made her own kaleidoscopes (pictures 1 and 2). She examined what would happen when the projection was reflected by mirrors (picture 3). She wanted change the standard projection frame and by using mirrors the projection could be widened and fragmented.

After focussing on the way of projecting, the content became the focal point. She started to look for ways to visualize the unseen mind by projecting images of heads combined with images of inkdrops (picture 4) and graphic designs (picture 5).
She wanted to combine dance in her work, because that’s an important expression for her. During her internship at ‘Kunstlab’ she discovered MYO bracelets* by which one can manipulate visuals by movement (picture 6). This was a great discovery by which she could combine dance and art optimally. At that point it took to much time and technical skills to continue with this research.

Hannah discovered a way to manipulate the visuals by sound. She experimented with body sounds while dancing and she connected a music track to the visuals so that one could see a moving image of the base line and the melody.

Then she started experimenting with different ways of projecting by using several superimposed layers (picture 7). She wanted to work more threedimentional by projecting on semi- translucent cloth (picture 8) and three-dimentional objects.

In her graduation work everything she discovered the passed year was combined. She created threedimentional tetrahedrons with semi-translucent cloth in which the dancers performed (picture 9). She abstracted the visuals by using graphic designs which she programmed to move like an kaleidoscope. Because of using black and white visuals she could combine dance and visual art perfectly, because the black parts became translucent. This way one could see the projections and still see the dancer dancing in the tetrahedrons.

*The wireless MYO bracelets convert musclecontractions and movement to data that you can use in every way you like. .