light wave – 2019

The audience enters a different world, a surrealistic world of reflections and moving patterns. The dancers bring this surrealistic world to life.

The dancers wear white morphsuits with masks and outfits designed by product designer Melissa van Heijst. These outfits contain strips of mirrorfoil that reflect the projections with every move they make.
Each material makes a different sound and a different movement when the dancers interact with it.

Hannah has designed all kinds of graphic projections, which are partly derived from the caleidoscope effect. The visuals of black and white patterns have a completely different effect
on the different types of materials, such as mirrors, mirrorfoil, semi-transparent cloth and aluminum foil. The material breaks up the projection into several layers that differ in depth and reflect the image throughout the room.

in collaboration with: melissa van Heijst (product designer), maxime kroot (dancer) and danielle brans (performance artist)

Photography: Huub Bink