//SPATIAL LINES\\ – 2018

Hannah made a stage design for Herfstdrift festival 2018 at Nijmegen in collaboration with DeFrame, Robert de Vries and the organisation of Drift festival. The stage design is distracted from Hannah’s graduation work: Trancendance. On both sides of the DJ booth you could see live dance performances. They where blended with the graphic visuals from Hannah and DeFrame and the light design from Robert de Vries.

The visual art, light design and dancers became one during the breathtaking live shows at the Elektrabel stage. Pulsing and turning projections danced on de beat of the various DJ’s and the dancers moved together with the visuals. The lines of the dancers merged with the lines of the projections and they became a universe of spatial lines.

In collaboration with: DeFrame and strobert
Dancers: Judith Eeftink, Lynn Kosakoy, Anka Konings, Alkis Barbas