During the annual event in Nijmegen: Nijmeegse Kunstnacht, Hannah showed her graduation work under the roof of the theater of Nijmegen. For this exhibition she added coloured lights in the tetrahedrons for an extra remarkable effect. Every half an hour there were live dance performances and kaleidoscopic graphic visuals which put the audience in a trance.

Dance, projections, lights and music became one during an interdisciplinary coöperation. The dancers are reacting on the graphic visuals and the different lines in the music. The dancers can manipulate the visuals when they touch the fabric of the tetrahedrons.

The dancer in de biggest tetraedron is following the beat, the dancer in the medium tetrahedron follows the flute and the dancer in the smallest tetrahedron is following the accents in the music. Every performance is different, because the dancers are improvising on the music and the live visuals.

Dancers: Lynn Kosakoy, Judith Eeftink, Maxime Kroot
Music: Marcel Klein Legtenberg

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